We accept payment via, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, (CRO) Coin, and USDC), or you can finance from us and pay in installments up to 24 months.

Escrow - We use most credible, secured, licensed, and insured U.S. based intellectual property & valued property escrow company,  

Cryptocurrency - For any cryptocurrency payments ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, (CRO) Coin, and USDC ), Buyer must send additional 5% amount along with the purchased price. For example, if Buyer purchased a domain at $100,000 and choose to pay with cryptocurrency, then the buyer must send $105,000 worth of cryptocurrency. We must apply this additional 5% amount in cryptocurrency payments to cover withdrawal & transfer fees and any loss amount in case of sudden drop in pricing of cryptocurrency during our transfer and withdrawal process.  Your cryptocurrency payment must be made within 12hours after you receive a cryptocurrency payment information email from us.   Please be advised that we use's cryptocurrency rate to calculate the cryptocurrency to USD amount.  Cryptocurrency payments are allowed only for the domains with "Exclusively owned by".

Financing - We offer a financing service via's Domain Name Holding service and you can pay in installments up to 24 months. You can choose from 6 month, 12, month, and 24 month installments. The ownership of your purchased domain using financing option will not be transferred until your installment payments are paid in full, however, we will point its name server to your choice of hosting so that you can use your domain while paying the installments.  If you fail to pay an installment, then the full amount of your remaining balance of purchased price must be paid within 30 days from your missed installment payment. If the payment is not received in full, then has a right to terminate current financing options and installments, cancel any scheduled transfer of ownership, and no refund on already paid installments. 

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